Access to My System Notebook


There should be an easier way to access My System Notebook. It’s kind of odd right now. I have to click my own profile to see my system notebook.

I wonder if you can add the entry “My System Notebook” under “My Account”?

Thank you for your attention in advance.



Yes, absolutely agree. The System Notebook is poorly designed, and hard to navigate. We will roll out an upgrade of the system notebook in the medium-term future. I’ll let you know as the release date gets closer.


Thank you for your reply. Here are some more features I wish to have for the Notebook:

1. The users can arrange the systems on the notebook in different orders (alphabet, annual returns, etc. or at will).

2. The users can write different notes for the same system at different times, and each note has specific time stamp corresponding to the time when the note is written for the first time.

3. The time stamp is fixed (not to change when the users edit the notes to correct typos or grammar errors later on)

I know it takes time to get these features implemented. But, could you please keep the above requests in mind (I do hope that you find them reasonable).

Thanks Again.



Also, It would be nice to see all the notes for one system on one page or as to click a “see next note on this system” button. It’s really hard to see all the notes for a single system, not sure if this is done on purpose as it might conflict with reviews.



May I suggest ‘anonymizing’ system notes?

I recently got unsubscribed from a system because the developer didn’t like my system notes and my notes were public.

I think public system notes are a great way to see what other people are thinking about a system and it’s up to people to decide if they are useful to them.

All my notes are private. I make them private because some subscribers get defensive. I made a note of the same system you are talking about and I got 1 star ratings right away, so I made it private. I thought the note was neutral, but others didn’t think it was. Then, they started writings their own notes to disagree with my note. The funny thing is that my note was maybe 2 weeks before the system recent draw down. My argument for the system was that the gains are so miniscule that 2-3 bad trades would offset all the gains. Too risky for me.

I for one think that other people’s opinions are valuable and it would be interesting if people had the ability to share thoughts publicy without fear of backlash or unsubscriptions.

Reading your comment makes me think that most times I’ve seen an interesting System note that was stating the obvious it had a poor review, so I tend to ignore the reviews on system notes.

I’m getting similar backlash as you did for my comments so I may just go ahead and my comments private too.