System Notes - Visible to subscribers only

Rather than broadcast a message to subscribers when I want to share updates on my system, I think it would be useful to have a simple ‘System Notes’ page that is only visible to subscribers, and editable by the system owner. Just a simple page. One edit box.

I really don’t like spamming people, so this would make it less intrusive for people to get updates. They can log in and check the system notes and their leisure. I thought about using the forum, but unless I am missing something, the forum is either private or public. I’d rather mine be public, so people can comment or complain or say anything.

As a programmer myself, I would hope this would be easy. But, I have 1000 easy tasks at the bottom of my task list due to prioritization, so I understand. :slight_smile:



Kevin -

As a system creator here on C2, you can create your own system Forum. You can specify whether to make the forum private only for subscribers, or not.

You can create a forum from the blue ADMIN button on your system page.


Thanks for the reply Matthew. I had mentioned the forum in my post… and how I desired to keep it public. But, it is not like anyone uses it anyways, so like you suggested I will change it to private and use it for the notes.

Thanks again,