Accessing the VIX or Index in Seetu

I am just curious, is it possible to access the VIX or any non-tradeable index in Seetu?

I have tried the following, but it doesn’t seem to return any results.

VIXClose = GetOther(“VIX”,“Close”);
VIXClose = GetOther("^VIX",“Close”);
VIXClose = GetOther("@VIX",“Close”);
VIXClose = GetOther("$VIX",“Close”);

I have even tried VIX Futures without success.

VIXClose = GetOther("@VXM6",“Close”);
VIXClose = GetOther("@VXM7",“Close”);

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Hello Andy,
I’ll add those symbols to the list.
Symbols are updated daily, so they will be available tomorrow.

These still don’t seem to work. I get an error " is.environment(symbol) && symbol$Type == “Symbol” is not TRUE" when I add, for example:

VIXClose = GetOther("^VIX",“Close”);
VIXClose = GetOther("^VIX",“Close”,1);