I really wonder, why this is not supported.

The VIX-index basically measures the expectations of crahes

and should be a very interesting indicator for automatic-

tradind-expectations, also general-market "martingalism" -

see the enchante-thread.

So, are there any systms dedicated to the VIX or similar indices ?


This is a message from the C2 Administrator to C2 AutoTraders who use optionsXpress for their AutoTrading:

Due to limitations of optionsXpress we are no longer able to support the @VX (Volatility Index) futures contract via C2 AutoTrading.

We did try supporting it for a brief period, and thus you may have it in your account. We have had to drop support for the contract, however.

This means AutoTrade will no longer open or close any positions in this contract. If you still have it in your brokerage account, you should decide whether you want to manually close the position via the optionsXpress order screen. Note that AutoTrade will no longer touch that contract nor close any open positions that you have for that contract. (@VX can still be manually traded at optionsXpress.)

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please know that C2 tries to support as many exchanges and contracts as possible, but in some cases broker restrictions or market liquidity issues make it impossible. We hope to be able to support @VX in the future.

- Matthew

Guenter I expect many people use vix to generate signals for stocks or futures. It is one of many things that [LINKSYSTEM_55133113] takes into account to generate signals. I did a blog post recently for a trading idea of how one can used vix in trading."

Also, the vix can be traded as an etf, vxx, so if any systems trades the vix directly you will see this symbol in the trade list.