What is the average account size of subscribers?

I am considering rescaling my system, what is the average account size of subscribers?

Eli, C2 generally appeal to accounts of sizes lower than $25,000 USD.

thank you for the information.

How to find out for yourself:

* Go to a system with auto-traders (see (A) icon in System Details page, Overview section)

* Open the “auto-trader fill reports” details of some (market order) trades

(Recently Closed Trades section, Detailed view, gray star icon at beginning of line)

* search systems and trades until you find 10-20 fills for a single signal.

(Hint: Good candidates are in the Dashboard’s “Most looked-at this hour” list at about market open 9:30 ET)

Here you see number of shares (“Quant” column) in real accounts as scaled to the model account.

From these numbers you may estimate the individual account sizes use to trade this system.

You’ll find that most accounts are in the $10k to $50k range, with some bigger accounts at $100k or even $300k.