New command for C2ATI: getallsignals

Hi, AutoTrade Software Developers:

In response to several developers’ requests, C2ATI now supports a “getallsignals” command, which returns a list of signalids that are still pending (i.e. not filled, canceled, or expired) and which the client software has previously acknowledged with a “confirmsig” command.

This may be useful after a period of lost connectivity, and can let your client software know whether to cancel extraneous signals that should no longer be pending in a brokerage account.

Testing has been minimal. Please let me know if you use the command, either successfully or unsuccessfully. A description can be found on pages 16-17 of the latest version of the C2ATI docs, posted here.

I can’t get a “detailed” response from


any secret tricks?

After a quick email exchange with MK it is fixed now and works like a charm… :slight_smile: