Adding Commissions on Forex Retail Spreads ?!


Even if it were right to retroactively add commissions charges for trading activity - That doesn’t make sense to do that to Forex Trading!

Collective2’s Forex Live price feeds - are already Artificially Widened Retail Spreads, that over-compensate for Commision Trading ECN/STP spreads.

And Collective 2 already “Creates Slippage” in Stop - price closing! to make certain that a potential subscribing customers can succeed at least as well, if not much better, than what they actually see!

Why do we have to Triple Penalize your Forex Vendors?

1) If Commissions = Then ECN super tight Raw Spreads!

2) If Retail Spreads = No Commisions!

3) If Commissions & Retail Spreads = No Artificially Created Slippage!

Jason Yarmak [LINKSYSTEM_53690421]