Order types and commission costs


I did make 3 trades so far, in total 150 shares. In the typical commission plan this should be around 1.5$ commissions. However, I’m already at 50$ commissions (even with the open orders I’m not nearly 5000 shares (which I would need to have 50$ deducted by commissions) - see the system DeltaMinds.

My second question addresses the order types. I’f I’m using a stop order to protect against losses and unrealized profits. Does that order transfer into a market order ONLY when price TRADES below, or when the price is touched by the bid/ask price of the stock??

Further, how can I see the bid/ask price, when making a new market order? Which source for bid/ask price does collective2 use?

Many thanks for answering in advance!

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Jacob - That “extra” $50 dollars that you see being taken out of your Model Account’s performance is your monthly subscription fee. The line on the equity chart showing performance net of commissions and costs includes the system subscription fee that you ask subscribers to pay.

Regarding your other questions, for stock orders we use LAST prices to trigger stop/limit orders in your Model Account in cases where you have no real-life AutoTraders.

We do not display real-time bid/asks to system developers. We assume that you have access to your own real-time price feeds.


Thank you Metthew!

I just observed that different price feeds show different bid/ask prices. I’m wondering how I can time my entries on a tight spread, when I don’t know the price feed collective2 relies on.

What I want to know is, which source for the bid/ask/last-price does collective2 use? Not just for american, but also non-american stocks, like german and australian stocks?