How is mvp-3 able to say in his sponsor window advert “Top 10 Most-Subscribed on C2” ??

Am I missing something? Is there a ‘Most-Subscribed to’ list somewhere along with Best Systems, Grandma, etc that I haven’t seen?

Or like the stats for advertising is this text you’ve made available to him when compiling the ad? If not, then how does he get to write his own text in an ad?, I would like to do that too.

Possibly it only appears for systems that make the 10 most subscribed list?

Possibly, that’s what I want to find out, but from previous discussions I thought that information wasn’t available to anyone.

It is one of the auto-generated pieces of ad copy that is available to ten systems on the site. Advertisers can choose to use the text in their copy or not.

Interesting, what are the criteria to be classified a subscriber, do they have to be paying subs? What about a system that costs nothing but has a lot of subs, can they get in the top ten?

How do you know if it will apply to you? Do you have to advertise first to find out?


Craig just go through the first 2 steps of advertizing. That is where you find your choices. After that hit the return home icon. No add purchased and you see if you qualified for the top 10. None of mine do. Rick Haines

We found it really surprising to see our system qualified as “Top 10 Most-Subscribed” on C2. So we modified FX45’s ad.

Thanx for the tip friends.




Fxgrup do you know why you have a star beside your name in the forums? Thanks Rick Haines

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