Subscriptions outstanding

Dear Matthew,

It would be a nice feature (though maybe this is confidential to Collective2) if you made it known to System Designers with systems for sale on Collective2 the total number of subscriptions outstanding, and perhaps with permission of the System Designers, the total number of subscriptions per System (if not the exact number, a generalized ranking). This would be good marketing information for System Designers to have.

By the way, I love this site!


Hi Robert:

With all due respect, I do not agree with you.

Subscribers have a host of metrics to use to help them decide which system(s) they might want to subscribe to, and part of it is probably the cost to subscribe, and the types of investments a system developer usually trades.

Just my opinion of course…, but basing which system you subscribe to, based on the number of subscribers that system has at any particular time point in time…, is not a good way to choose a system.

Making the number of subscribers visible would probably become a negative, not a positive. That Matthew character that runs the show over here is pretty sharp.(?) Maybe he knew it would be better to have things as they are right now.

That is…, it might be better to subscribe to a system for the right reason(s).

It seems to also be true that there are always quite a few people that want to change the way C2 works. Making too many changes to something that works well can be a mistake a lot of times. (and that Matthew character has to write some more code to make it happen…) Sometimes I think it is amazing this site works at all, with all of the things you can do over here.




You misread my request. I specifically asked for the information to be available to System Designers, ie, System Sellers, not system purchasers.



Even making it available to system designers, as I asked about, may not be a good idea, especially if the info were given out generally. This is something designers will probably want to keep to themselves, I guess. Maybe some kind of a forum of designers in which this type of information were shared would be valuable, though, so that designers could share marketing tips and let people know “where they are at” with their own subscription rates.



may be a monthly newsletter to developers

Maybe there is something being over looked. Here is a site for investors, people looking to take there money and make it work for them. I can think of no other way in which this is so obvious. I have posted a system but I consider any money out of my pocket for such a thing an investment in and of it self. As a trader I was dissapointed to not find any numbers relateing to people who are customers. Thou I was verry pleased that there were no false numbers either better to have none than have false ones. but as a possible seller of alerts and there fore possible investor in my own system I cannot see forking over $80 to have my system posted. I have done the math on how many people paid the $80 and the figure was just over $5,000 ( I also belive that true numbers no matter how bad they may be or what some one thinks about given such numbers out is never a bad thing. Great job to who ever put this together its a great way to offer people the best of both worlds. As an investor without some numbers how can anyone who has paid the $80 be thought of as a good investor. Unless you hit the lottery this is as poor of an investment as it can get. don’t get me wrong I mjust saying that if I were to put up the money I would make sure that I used this as a home bussiness. If every one knew that they could get $5,000 from the goverment at taxreturn time You would have more than the 80 or so people I found selling a system. If the owner of the site is interested in promoteing this part of the bussines e-mail at Now on the other side I know that for $80 I can make $4,920 from the IRS hows that for a return on your investment. Its pays to know. So what I’m saying is that the owner of this site if he does it at home and does not take the tax breaks hes loosing out on 5k. So if he’s not then I just doubled his money May be thats my free trial for him because theres alot more money to be had from the IRS but he might have to give me a free year or two. He say about 500 systems x 80 = $40,000 even better. basically it would be nice two know how many people sighn up to buy a system my point is $80 for $5,000 is never a bad investment so does it really matter how many people sighn up when your getting $5k from uncle sam.

Just a few thoughts as usual:

1. If a systemowner wants to advertize how many costumers he has, he is free to do so. Since nobody has done that yet, I have to assume they like to treat it as a confidental information.

2. The number of subscribers itself doesn’t say much about a system. Maybe it is cheap to subscribe. Maybe it is easy to follow.

A subscriber should choose a system according to its features, returns and characteristics and not by its popularity. See next point.

3. Here is a simple analogy. You want to buy a vehicle. Just because Toyote Camry (or whatever) is the biggest selling car, if you need a pick up, you not going to buy the Camry. Even if you pick the biggest selling pick up, because you like to follow others, if it doesn’t have a feature what you are looking for, then it is a bad choice for you.

4. People in investment have to take responsibility eventually for their actions. The buck has to stop somewhere. Having the most costumers is still not guarantee that you not going to lose money.

So when you subscribe to a system you have to trust the system owner and not a bunch of guys, who want to make money out of a good trader… :slight_smile:

Have you thought about maybe a percentage rake. From one investor to another I know you have to cover costs. And starting anything new is always hit or miss. I hope that one day the site grows large enough that takeing a percentage of the take is a do

able thing. Like I said in the previous e-mail there are also great tax breaks that can be assoctiated with running a system for subscribers. I know that the last thing you need is 1,000 of systems trying it out without haveing to pay a thing. I was thinking it might help in growing some capital if you marketed doing this as an a home business, my thoughts were a gain in submissions could get some advertiseing done for the sight. If you claim a work at home at tax time you receive a $5,000 credit which will increase your return that much more. So say without a work at home yu get $400 from your real job. With a Work at home you would get $5400:P