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After market signal and to be filled


Hi , everyone . I am new here . I want to post my strategy here . but most of the signal comes after 4pm . my strategy is to be filled before next day open . but c2 does not allow it . I do not know why . buy order can be filled quite easy manually. at lease let subscribers to see my signal . let them to fill order manually after hours .

any one got good suggestion?


In my opinion, and assuming you are referring to a stock/etf/index/etc. type of system: You could issue a ‘Broadcast’ to your subscribers at any time–giving them the signal and any other information you want to give them; however, your system won’t be able to make the trade until normal hours. Naturally, your subscribers will only be able to manually trade, and not autotrade.

As a result, your C2 stats won’t reflect the stats of your ‘system’/subscribers.


thanks mate

so my system result will be blank. then what is point to be in c2.


You’re welcome.

Yeah, it would be hard to attract subscribers with no track record.

Maybe convert your system over to trade Futures.? That way you could trade outside normal trading hours. That’s the only work-around I can think of right now.



my system is over night etf . i only hold for one day. that is why by next day open half job has been done. i trade dgaz jdst jnugt uwt dwt vxx yinn yang. your system is good, i have checked your timing


You’re welcome.

Thanks. Coding improvements now, in fact. It can do better.

Well, I hope you can figure something out. Your system sounds unique and I’m sure the crowd here would love to see it in action.


c2 can easy add a function to let me can post my signal and let everyone to see result

next morning.


I’m not sure and I can’t speak for C2.

Won’t hurt to ask them about your situation to see what, if anything, can be done on their end. You can click one of the ‘help’ links and ask them directly as they may not always notice ‘requests’ posted in these forums.


I have sent email to c2 but they said not


Ahh. Looks like converting over to futures is your only, and least disruptive, realistic option, imo.


futures is more trouble for overnight hold i like high % per move. not leverage. my signal is good and often. i already got another site to have my signal record. i thought have done with c2. but Matthew Klein keep sent me email. so i give c2 another try. what is point buy just sent email but not try to fix problem . by the way be care for nugt and dust signal now rang is vary small. people does like lost money


You should be able to adjust your leverage to anything you like–based on the number of contracts. Thanks for the nugt/dust warning.


after so many years try and testing . my system is work very well for etf . i can do it to future and fx. but signal is less often. for etf i can do it nearly every day


I’m not suggesting you use futures data. I’m suggesting you use an eft that has a futures ‘equivalent.’

Generate your signal with the eft, but trade the futures.


most people trade spy qqq t bond future. i have tested system for these etf. they are more likely buy and hold, and use Average Down. my system is use precision timing. that is why is good with just and jnug ugaz dgaz uwt nugt . future for them is not good for people to trade.


Ok…Well…I’m fresh out of ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you again for you help


Anytime … good luck!