Aigod, Put Us On Your Radar

Very nice work these last three months! I noticed your description says, “never invest in any system unless you have tremendous faith in the system and the developer.” Is there anywhere we can learn more about your rational and why we should have that faith?

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I took the phrase off of my description as not to confuse you.

I don’t see anything wrong with you having the statement or not. Just curious where I could learn more about your methodology. If there isn’t anywhere for that I totally understand. I just like to know more about the leader’s reasoning if I am going to consider following. Regardless I put you on my radar as you suggested.

I guess longevity will be the measure of if a trade leader is worthy of being followed and if a leader let’s say promises a certain drawdown and the actual results are much much higher, I’d run for the hills!!

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I hear you. A promise of a certain drawdown in most situation is likely misguided anyway. Most investment types here can’t make any guarantees. I’ve been overly optimistic myself before and now take the approach that the largest drawdown is always ahead. Obviously, that isn’t always true, but it’s how I treat things now.

Seems a good trading system so far. But C2 recommends don’t promote a strategy until you have at least 6 months’ history…

Which ultimately means that 100% money loss is inevitable.

Yeah I use it as a metaphorical truth like the idea that every gun is a loaded gun. It isn’t true but it is helpful if I behave as though it is.

In theory yes, if the biggest drawdown is yet to come, as they say, then the trader will have a 100% drawdown at some point in time.
In practice, if the system has an edge and you trade small enough then the risk of ruin becomes impossible.