Promote my strategy one more time

Ladies and gentleman,

This is the one you need to look at. You pay almost nothing. Be quick!

Be quick! What are you waiting for?

Welcome to join the party. LOL :laughing:

Be quick to get a 54% draw-down? Gees… No matter how you argument about it, your stats are screwed, period. Maybe go for another less aggressive approach?
Anyways, good luck.

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:weary: I didn’t really understand what happened at the very beginning. It takes time to understand C2, If you make money today, it doesn’t mean you will make tomorrow. Same thing, if you had a huge drag-down, doesn’t mean you will have the next one. My system is self learning and improving.

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Reasonable expectation is: future performance is worse then previous. Future incomes are lower than previous, future drawdowns are higher then previous. In your case I think that you will not hit 50% dd, but in terms of dollars 32k of your previous dd is 30% only now. This is achievable.

This expectation is not reasonable at all. If you divorce once, do you expect divorce twice more? If this is true…? Human being had twice world wars, do you expect the next nuclear world war? Where are you going to be?

Actually you wrote a part of this expectation by yourself in your previous post:

Not sure why are you arguing with yourself. Second part about drawdown comes from this statement automatically.

You completely get it wrong. Please don’t stop taking the medicine.

That is a new wave in promotion - insulting of potential customers.
Way to go.

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I’m closing this thread.