An Alarming Trend?

I haven’t been around that long but I find it an alarming trend that there is a growing trend of strategy developers that are charging high monthly fees that have very little history. Am I the only one that is noticing this or has this been around for awhile.

I don’t want to name names or name strategies but I think this self promoting and lure of profits could potentially bring down the reliability of this site for those that are really trying to contribute and provide a real service and make C2 a trustworthy place to go.

I think we should only allow strategies to be subscribable when they have more than 3 months or more of history.

Is there others out there noticing that?

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Yeah. It has been for a while like that. I assume C2 doesn’t care, as they make money of that. Eventually, once volatility will spike and will wipe out a bunch of “investors” in those strategies. I think a lot of them do not realize that they can lose more than what they have in their brokerage account (naked options can do that real fast).