Announcing bunch of intra-day trading systems

If you prefer to trade profitable day trading systems and ‘no overnight risk’ is your thing, please add the below to your watchlist!

More coming soon!

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Which ones are 100% “long only” ( IRA tradeable ) ?

Sent you a message. Not sure about the specifics of IRA account.
From systems perspective all the four mentioned are long only. But 2x leverage is used in Day Trader 3 Stocks and Day Trader 2 VIX.

From the systems perspective, QF Day Trader F1 ES NQ is LONG only, which at the maximum may take 1 ES/NQ contract per ~ 6000 USD i.e if all conditions are met for an extreme bullsh scenario, this sytem may take ~ 3NQ and 3 ES contract simulatneously given the current portfolio size. Position size may increase depending on current volatility as well. ( Target > 100% p.a. with max drawdown of 25% over last 6 years) .

QF Day Trader 2 VIX takes LONG only positions in XIV/VXX.It is leveraged 2x. (Target ~ 100% pa with 20% max drawdown. for unleveraged version, you will have to scale down in half and expected annual return would be ~ 50 % with max drawdown of 10%.)

QF Day Trader 3 Stocks taks LONG only positions on liquid stocks. It is leveraged 2x. ( Target between 25%-35% with max drawdown 10%) again you will have scale down for unleveraged version

QF Day Trader 1 Gold VIX takes long only positions in NUGT DUST XIV VXX. No leverage used. ( but as you know, NUGT and NUGT are 3x leveraged ETF). ( Target > 150% pa with max drawndown 25%)

The drawdown figures are max drawdowns, and average drawdown is much lower for all systems( < half max drawdowns stated above )

Of course, all targets and max drawdowns are based on the past performance of the system which may or may not continue into future.

Hope the above info helps in your selection.