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It will cater to IRA as well. Please note that the system is uncorrelated to my other established system

So what is the difference? For a starter trademate nq system uses NQ futures while the TQQQ system trades the TQQQ ETF. The trademate nq swing tries to capture the short term momentum and its average exposure time to market is about 10% and has super tight stop losses. Which in turn, sets the system up for higher leverage. The TQQQ system is designed to capture the longer term moves and its exposure time to market is about 50% and maximum leverage there is 3x which is as per definition of TQQQ

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This has been proven so far (although sample size is quite small) as trademate NQ did not benefit from the January rally, while the more trend catching TQQQ system captured it all nicely and is up 10% in Jan. Does that mean TQQQ system is better over the nq system? No! If you notice, NQ system behaved similarly in Jan 2019 and subscribers who stuck with the system enjoyed the full benefit of it. NQ system is designed to trade the short bursts of momentum while TQQQ system is designed to capture the uptrend by being exposed to market more.

Also I am introducing another system for who do not want to have the overnight risk- a day trading system that trades TQQQ and SQQQ. Expectation about 35-40% with occasional 10% drawdown although there are no guarantees of future returns, of course. It is also free for the beginning, feel free to watch/subscribe

Combining the three systems will make your equity curve smoother

All above systems are free for this month . feel free to simulate/subscribe