Any thoughts on Sky Tower Capital?

  • This strategy has no auto trade data for large parts of its history
  • It seems to depend on taking huge positions and eking out tiny price differences which increases the importance of real auto trade data to get the true track
  • The strategy manager doesn’t allow anyone to simulate its performance
  • The “hypothetical” track looks like a straight line but there is hardly any AUM following the strategy

I am a bit confused about this strategy. What do you think is going on here?

IMHO these spikes in leverage (particularly during declines) are typical of a trading style that is likely to create amazing equity curves then suddenly have a large drawdown of 80% plus.

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Exactly. 98% win ratio is a huge red flag for me.

He continues to add to losing positions, and has survived because he simply got bailed out by the market in the past. No TOS means he can do this, eventually blow up and walk away from a system like this with no issues.