What strategies are you interested in?

Good day!
I am a new member of the collective2.com community. I have some experience of trading, and I was interested in the opportunity to try make money using collective2.com as a trader. I have strategies with different performance indicator, and there is the possibility of adjusting the indicators.
In this regard, I want to learn from the community some points:

  1. What is the desired size of the initial capital?
  2. Do I have to use reinvestment in the strategy?
  3. What tools (stocks, ETF, ETF with leverage, futures, options) are the most interesting?
  4. How important is the role of TOS for investors?
  5. Which is more preferable: long strategy? Shorts? Or mixed, long and short?
  6. What indicators of profitability and reliability are of interest to investors in collective2.com community?
  7. What drawdown for you will be acceptable? And what drawdown will be a signal to stop working with the strategy?
  8. What Average Profit is acceptable?
  9. What Winning is acceptable?
  10. How much time in a transaction is acceptable? What is more preference strategy short or medium-term transactions?

Thank you!

Hi Alexy,

These are some important questions. However, this community is diverse in it’s desires so best is you just “do your thing”. Though in general people want high, consistent returns with low drawdown. It seems like the actual numbers aren’t so important because if your system is too aggressive people can just scale down. You rather have problems finding subscribers for conservative systems. Just make sure the annual return is much higher than the drawdown and that the latter is <50%.

TOS is the cream on top and will grant you more subs in shorter time if your results are good.

Have a nice day,

I would like to see a strategy trading futures which can be manually traded spending <1 hour per day, +100% annually with 5% dd (<2k$) for less than 100$. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Alexander, thanks for the answer

I understand that different people have different interests in trade. I want to choose three strategies that satisfy the interests of different layers of the community. So I need information for the starting point.

I think majority of users here are looking for ATM machine.
Strategy that can show 100%+ return, no matter how risky it is, will attract a ton of followers.

Thanks for answers.

This time the conclusion is this: The main indicator of efficiency is return +100%. the higher the yield the better. and user will be connect to the one who is in the top …

Targeting 3 different layers as you call it is an interesting concept. So my first post actually describes layer 2: don’t have more than 50% maxDD and higher return.
Layer 1 consists of people like Sagor have mentioned, just get as much return as possible by any means. You can basically sell crap to those as long as you can achieve a stunning track record of 1-3 months. This is arguably the biggest user group - sad but true…
Layer 3 is a bit more complicated because those are the serious/experienced Investors. They look on various risk/return metrics like single trade drawdowns, leverage, volatility and much more. It’s hard to boil their wants down to a few key parameters so I’d say just have a conservative system and wait at least 12 months before drawing a conclusion.
However, this is the smallest group of Investors anyways. So if your approach doesn’t get approved you won’t lose much potential in terms of subscribers.

It’ll be interesting to see the ratios of subscribers you get to the different systems once you started. :slight_smile:

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