Strategic Futures Traders strategy question

Hi guys
I have asked this question before, but want to clarify it. I am trying to have a track record on my strategy, its called Strategic Futures Traders right now, and I can never understand one thing
As of yesterday, I worked hard to have my strategy up for 0.2%, the strategy all time high was $50,104
I switch everything off, make sure I have no more positions, and always come back few times to make sure it doesnt change. Yet every single day, it puts me in the red. Why is this happening and is it something I am not tracking properly and does it happen to you guys also?? Thanks heaps for helping out with this question

Where do u see this number? On c2?

Hi EvaRossmann. Yes, right now, currently, my strategy is up 51,752. I have switched everything off and switched off all trading. Is our current profit and loss updated in real time?? I am guessing it it.
I dont want subscribers to my strategy, just dont want to always be traiding to bring it back into green, when its already in the green. Will see what tomorrow happens.
Every trading day, I am trying to make 100 or more, with as little trades as possible, and call it a day.
I can do this every single day, with very low drawdown, all year long, if it does not always go into negative. I have written to collective2 support about this, but they have not replied to any of my messages. On my Ninja Trader, I use platform transmit, its always the same balance, that I finished with, but not with Collective2.
Thanks guys

Hopefully, now that I am positive, I can just trade my normal strategy and not have to bring balance, from negative again. There is an imbalance calculating profit and loss, because Ninja Trader never lost a cent from my balance. Collective2 must have different calculation metrics.

I have done last year, with 226 trading days, every day making 100 or more, and finish trading. I am trying to use this just as a record keeping, so I can have a track record for later on. But its hard to make 120 for the day, and next day be in the red by 200 and try and claw that back, before making your normal trades.
This changes how my normal strategy works, and I dont want to have any changes, as this brings risks up. Thanks everyone

StrategicFuturesTraders: Today P/L +$1,843, +3.7%. ALL TIME CHANGE: +$1,751 +3.5%
This is what it is today. Will see what tomorow brings. If it will go into negative again.
Sorry to bother you guys, just want some help regarding this


Your strategy has only a few days worth of data. You are staring at your chart and essentially looking for minute-by-minute mark-to-market changes. But C2 doesn’t mark-to-market your strategy chart minute-by-minute in real-time. Sometimes our “marks” can be several hours after trades close. (Indeed, for strategies that have zero subscribers, the marks can be slightly more delayed.)

When your strategy has more than a few days of data, the chart granularity will look more correct - each point in the chart will basically represent one day’s worth of data, and the mark-to-market will feel more timely.

Finally, keep in mind your chart also incorporates the monthly subscription price, so once per month you may notice a change in the chart value unrelated to any trading whatsoever.

In summary, just be patient, and when your strategy is a little older, the daily marking-to-market of your strategy (and thus the points of data on your chart) will feel more natural.


Hi Mathew. Thats fine, how you calculate your pricing. I am not talking about any charting values, my actual balance values of my strategy. So I reached a high watermark, of 50,1200, and since then, I am already negative by almost 2% percent. When no trading is done, and you are in negative by almost 2%, how does this happen and how do you justify it?? It seems unusual. In any other place, when you start a balance, with a 50,000 and make 1500 on a day, after lest say commissions, you are left with 1400 and your ending balance is 51400 and thats it. It does not go into negative while you are sleeping.
Can you explain, how a strategy, when positive by a 1200, during weekend hours, goes into negative by almost same amount and back at breakeven point, almost. RIDICILOUS AT MOST, AND NO NORMAL EXPLANATION HAS BEEN PUT FORWARD YET.

You write “So I reached a high watermark, of 50,1200” but “I am not talking about any charting values.” I’m not exactly sure where you see this high watermark of 50,120? (I assume you mean 50,120) - presumably on your Dashboard somewhere.

As I wrote in my previous post, marking-to-market at C2 happens on a delayed basis, so it is possible you will see values in your strategy change even if you do not have an actual trade happen in that period. Those values may appear anywhere on C2: in a chart, or somewhere on your dashboard, perhaps – again, I’m not exactly sure where you are seeing “50,1200” as a value. Regardless of exactly where you are seeing the value, the general answer I previously provided still remains valid: strategy-wide aggregate account values may change on a delayed basis from when trades take place.

You don’t have any subscribers, so your concern about what your subscribers see may be a little premature, but let me provide some comfort: When you do have subscribers, if you close a trade at a profit while they are autotrading your strategy, then of course their results won’t change after the position is closed, even if our measurement of your strategy’s mark-to-market is performed on a delayed basis.

It’s probably more productive if you address further questions about this to, and someone from the help desk can gather more information from you and hopefully provide you with an answer that you find helpful.

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