Futures + Stocks system

Hi , whats the downside of combining futures and stocks in a single system here at C2 ? IMO Diversification is key to consistent profitability . Will that drive away all potential subscribers ? Thanks for the feedback .

I found this old reply related to this topic - quoted below - . But as i understand currently many subscribers are trading futures or stocks through IB which will allow you to trade either futures or stocks in the same account - universal account - .

And re the autotrading fees , again if you auto trade through IB which is c2 preferred broker your monthly auto trading costs is $99 no matter how many systems you auto trade , what instruments you trade and how big are your trades .

So the only reason why big accounts wont trade a futures+stocks system is if they don’t wont to touch stocks at all , but i am pretty sure that there’s a good portion of C2 clients who follow futures systems and stocks systems in their account as part of portfolio trading , so i don’t see the problem why not to follow a system that trades both .

Thats important to me as i found myself to perform much better - as a developer - if i trade multi instruments as against if i stick to a single contract day in day out , which is not a feasible way to generate income on the long run .

I would trade futures and stocks together.

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For example. Somebody trades 1 contract on 100k account and makes 1-2% monthly. And it is good. But big chunk of money is just sitting on the bench and doing nothing, cause you need say 10k as a margin. Why not to trade stocks on remaining 90k.


Some days ago I allowed C2 to publish one of my strategy - which is a combination of 7 models.

The strategy started on 2007 however it was traded in multiple accounts at different brokers. Since Sep '15 its under IB.


The are about 3 strategies for each instrument except bond futures (or ETFs) which I only used a long / short strategy

  1. Equities and Futures
  2. Bonds Futures
  3. Options
  4. Commodities
  5. FX
  6. ETFs
  7. Volatility

Tell me you what you think