Number of subscribers in strategies

It would be a great value if you added a number of subscribers to every strategy, maybe even divide it to free and paying subscribers. Investors would know which strategy is popular and it would be easier for them to choose. And of course this would bring much more money for C2 as developers would know what’s the potential profit from strategies. Just the way it is on zulutrade.


I add my voice to yours .

I double that!

I would 100% agree with that.

Its almost like C2 are trying to hide this and its just detrimental to thier business model.

Not sharing this information causes an element of dis-trust.

Sort it out C2.

That’s not entirely correct. Click on “show autotrade data” and you see how many people followed the signal in what brokerage account.

Thanks Rebel but Please can you explain in steps where I can find “show autotrade data”

And the next proposal will be from the owners of the less popular systems: lets remove the number of subscribers cause people subscribes for the most popular systems and doesn’t look on the systems with small number of subscribers, and if number of subscribers will be removed then people start to subscribe more uniformly and this will help novice creators and “And of course this would bring much more money for C2” :wink:

IMHO investors should check parameters of the systems first, and popularity of the system should not be a reason (or last reason) to subscribe. More subscribers - worse the order execution.



Go to the strategy page that has live subscribers, you’ll see a green box with a flame just under “Closed Trades”. Click Show autotrade data and then click the flame symbol on each line and a pop up opens.

Yes although multi fills could be just for one subscriber .


Andrey, you have a very good point about the less popular systems.

Please help by outlining which parameters should be regarded highest say the top 5. This will help all of us to gain a better insight.

Thank you

Its great idea!
i sometime use the number of auto trades as measure for rating.

the real long term for quality is the paid subscribers.
i have sometimes 40-50 free ollowers becasue everybody like to taste free.
but only 5-10% of them stay longer.

second answer is the Grid - you can find system sorf by populatity - ansd this i think is based on subscribers and number of view of the pages.

last answer C2 SCORe- buy i am not sure that its mostly rating ans subscribers there

anyway i wish it was like you ask

Matthew explained this in November 2015, please see this post:

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Then why have a list for the most popular systems ?! And why sort the systems in the grid based on popularity ?! And why even have a column in the grid for popularity ?!

Personally I use common system stats as number of trades, age, annual profit, calmar ratio, sharpe, equity curve etc. I’ve already posted it in some topics here. Also I do monte carlo analysis in order to identify worst scenarios. But I am conservative, my approach maybe good for me only.

I never looked on number of subscribers or popularity as a criteria. Sometime most popular systems dies in couple months, their popularity is a result of active PR (hope I wrote it correct) on the forum, high profits due to martingale-like style of trading or over-leverage etc.

If I would be a system creator, I think that I would be interested in that info. But I am more than sure that average system creator will not be able to live from C2 incomes at least in US or Europe. But it can be additional profits to his personal trading account.


Why not? People are different, somebody follows the crowd, somebody looks for “hidden” gems.

Thanks Andrey for taking the time to write and share this useful info. I am sure it is well appreciated by the C2 users.

I have been developing a day trader forex system using charts and indicators aiming for about 40 pips on GBP/USD for about 8 years now. For various reasons I have never yet traded but will be starting in March this year and will be posting signals on here.

I appreciate I may not make a great income here but any small income is welcome when you start out and my funds are very limited.

It would be great if you can give me some feedback when I finish writing full description of my strategy.

Thank you and I wish you a successful year.

You didnt understand my comment .

TSH are you a developer too or are you following someone’s strategy

I am sort of in agreement with you, most of the community here tend to have limited funds and if they do this full time then they need to earn a living so 20% return will not cut it.

Everyone wants a high return with a low risk, and thats the key to getting subscribers I guess.

Good luck with your system, wish you all the best


I fully subscribe that idea!