Attention: Braver US Equities

I just created a strategy on C2 called Bravery US Equities and have joined the C2Star program. This strategy applied one of the successful hedge fund strategies called the Long-Short Strategy. I’ve used it on my old strategy on C2, also called the same name. The old “Bravery” took a 5% return in three months with a 3.8% drawdown and 2.53 sharp ratio, low beta and 0.35 correlation to S&P 500. It outperformed the market. I have applied the same strategy to join the C2Star program; it aims to make a handsome return while hedging the market and sector risk out. I hope you can add it to your watchlist. Thank you!

The Old “Bravery US Equities” has been archived on 2/19/22 at 13:59 ET.

This is the new one that is joining the C2Star program. Add it to your watchlist!