"Left" C2 star, I did not want to prevent it even though I could

My strategy - Upside Equity Long got kicked out of the C2Star program.

I was close to hitting the rule that says you can only have $2K open losses, and I did not want to incur trading fees to rectify that - the stocks I hold that are in total down $2K are no where near any kind of sell signal in my system, so no need to sell.

I will not compromise my trading plan just bc it breaks a C2star rule, so I let the system get kicked out although I could fairly easily have sold something and get out of the way of the hard limit on open losses, to keep it in a little longer.

I don’t want C2 to change the rules, that is not at all the point of my post.

The point is when you look back at this in half a year or a year, and the performance looks pretty nice, then know that I do not never make trades just to make stuff look nicer in the short term, or just to get me some marketing benefit.

I believe my system works (in the kind of markets we have had last few quarters), so I stick to the system.

I was hoping to be able to stay in the c2star program some longer, but if I wanted to do that, I should’ve made a more profitable or less volatile system.

Is there some kind of forum for each system, where the trader can post, say, monthly updates and then people who check out the system - they can look what was said when back in time?

At etoro you can watch each trader’s “feed” whick is kinda sort of a forum, but actually just a collection of all threads the trader started, and all comments to those threads.

Anywas, I will continue trading this live and we’ll see if and when it manages to go green, that’s first step. Then catch up to sp500, thats the next step, and then some risk adjusted outperformance, that’s the end goal… we’ll see.

I am very impressed so far with the entire collective2 setup, also autotrade with Interactive Brokers, I will stay with this one system for now for some time.

As the general method is still making me money on my privately invested funds (just a somewhat different stock universe to pick from, and my private invested funds are tax optimized) I am quite confident that the system still works, also it is half cheating to take out a system that you know does work, just bc it got started on a drawdown.

Looking forward to posting a comment to this post end of September and telling myself “ha’ I told me so” that I would get back up and past the sp500. Challenge accepted… If I won’t make it, I think I will get pretty close.

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