Aurum threatening to cancel my subscription~! :(

For second time in a couple of weeks, Aurum is threating to cancel my subscription because I 'scale back". No other strategy has ever threatened me since I first joined C2 on 2-22-21. What are your experiences???

I haven’t heard of anyone doing such a thing. Seems like it would be fine to have someone scale back and take less risk.

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If he cancels your subscribtion just ask C2 for a refund from him . He is losing alot of money anyway .

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just in case if you are not aware of it - seems that their last strategy cost just 500$ and ended up like this -

discussion on the forum -

so maybe you should tell them thank you for disconnecting you.

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I’m also a subscriber for this strategy, and I had the same question to him, he said all the information in the strategy description.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t read about the strategy description before subscribing or scaling. Also, he said it’s a 1Million$ portfolio, so if I knew before I wouldn’t even think about scaling lol.

He trades his own money so I respect that…

The description says they don’t want subscribers to scale UP. RonFrank said he wanted to scale down so this doesn’t make sense.