Australian subscriber?

Hi all,

I’m an Australian subscriber and wondering if i could subscribe to a system on c2. Is there any difference to the normal subs? the dollar exchange rate, certain legal issues?



I think you can.

Hi, San:

We actually have an Australian Introducing Broker. They are called Avestra. You can visit their broker version of C2, by visiting this link:

If you have any questions, please email me at

Hi, I’m an Australian trader too and I’m using Global Autotrade as the intermediary recieving emails from C2 and executing in my Interactive Brokers account. How will this Avestra service help get around the regulatory restrictions preventing us from executing short trades?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Another Aussie looking for a solution to the broker issue. I have an account with IB but am told by admin at C2 that auto trading is not allowed or not possible for non-US citizens. If not IB, I need a substatial broker that has shares to short Tvix/uvxy (necessary for the system I wish to trade. I also have accounts with OptionsHouse, Tradestation and OptionsXpress - not sure whether any of these will do the job. Looking for assistance and/or guidance. Regards,

Stan Carlyon.

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We are working on a solution for Australian residents to use Interactive Brokers. I do not have an ETA on when it will become available. We’ll definitely post news when its supported here in the C2 forum. In the meantime. we work with several other brokers that do support Australian residents and AutoTrading. These brokers are: MBTrading, Dorman Trading, FXCM through Halifax, GAIN, AMP Clearing and Phillip Capital. Any Australian residents interested in these brokers can contact the C2 help desk for additional information ( ).

Hi Melissa, I was looking at YZ Income Fund and under the Description heading I found the following, 2. Brokerage: If you are outside the USA, you can AutoTrade this system using Interactive Brokers (IB only supports C2 AutoTrading outside the US.) If you are within the USA, you can AutoTrade this system using C2 AutoTrade at either TradeMonster or AGM Access to Global Markets. Is this correct, and does it just apply to YZ? Stan Carlyon

AutoTrading of options is supported at the following C2 compatible brokers: Interactive Brokers and OptionsHouse.

For use on C2, Interactive Brokers supports all countries except Australia. OptionsHouse supports all countries except Canada, Australian, and UK residents looking to open a new account with them.

Feel free to contact the C2 help desk ( for personalized support in determining which C2 compatible brokers can support which countries and instruments.

Hi, so does this mean OptionsHouse supports Australian customers but only for existing accounts, not new accounts? I’ve re-read your post a bunch of times and I can’t figure it out. Thanks

I must admit I was also unsure. Be a great result if you can use existing account. Look forward to answer.

The “existing account” description only applies to existing UK accounts held at OptionsHouse. In other words, if a UK resident already has an account at Optionshouse, he can add C2 to it.

Traders who reside in Australia, Canada or UK looking to open an account with OptionsHouse will be denied by the broker. Feel free to contact the broker directly for the most up to date account opening information.

Contact the C2 Help Desk ( for personalized broker choices.