Waiting for your broker, Interactive Brokers

I’m a original customer of Interactive Brokers (non-US). I have never read something that it is possible to autotrade as a original customer, too.

So here is my question, does this really work and where do I have to contact InteractiveBrokers to make this work? Could someone send me more information or a link where I can read about this.

Hi Josef,

IB currently does not allow direct accounts for autotrading. All accounts still need to go through an introducer. We’re working on a way to make it happen but it takes time.

Hi Josef,
did you succeed in activating you IB account for autotrading with C2?
Just now I found out, that it is not possible to manually trade AND have C2 autotrade in the same account! So probably I have to open a second acct just to facilitate manual and autotrading.
Anyone has any experience on this?
Cheers, Bernd.

I have the same problem, Francis said they would develop a patch to make manual trade and autotrade compatible each other. You can send an email to check the status with Francis.

strange. my last comment got deleted … I hope this wasn’t a censorship as I didn’t talk the best about C2 …
Could a moderator confirm this?

Hi MinLiu2,
I checked with IB and they told me, I definitely have to open a second account which will be exclusively dedicated to autotrading: a real separate account with its own “Uxxxxxx” account-number which obviously needs to be funded separately.
So hopefully I will soon have two accounts: one for manual trading and the other for autotrading with C2.
I will post about my experience when everything is working …

Hi Josef,
I got a copy of your reply via e-mail. But my question had not been about this “IB2C2” technology. I’m only interested about subscribing to several C2 systems to be autotraded in my account, see above.

Hi, Josef, here is a reply from Francis on this bbs:
Hi Min,

Yes you are correct. If you keep AutoSync off your manual positions will not be touched while the system signals will be traded. By design, all account positions get assigned to a system your are Autotrading, so yes that’s normal.

We are working on a feature that will let you trade manually while Autotrading. It’s already in the oven and should be ready soon.



I understand we can open the new account for manual trade, but the separate account will decrease the margin, so we should ask C2 to make the system stronger, robust, and the users can manual trade their own account. I believe C2 should not touch our manual trade even we sign the agreement when we join. I think it is not legal for them to touch the trade not belong to C2 system.
Technically speaking, it is very easy to implement, I do not know why it takes C2 more than 10 days to fix a bug. And let the customer to start a second manual account instead.

Wish users can push C2 further.

best regards,

Just a quick comment. IB have told us they cross-margin accounts so there is no loss of buying power. Also, what you mention about manual trades is incorrect: Sync is designed to sync the account with the auotraded positions so your account holds what your systems do.

Good to know that IB can have cross-margin account. For sync, I understand it can sync with the autotraded positions, meantime, if I turned it on, it will close my manual trades. Another questions, if I can manual trade and autotrade at the same time with tradebullet?

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As Francis mentioned, JosefStrobel, the autotrade actually worked on my account (manual+auto) most of time, even I close autosync. This is for your reference.

You can disable Sync in TradeBullet. That means you trade side by side with Autotraded systems, but you should know that C2 gen1 will Autotrade as if your manual orders do not exist, so if you close a position before the system does you’ll end up reversing it when the system closes its position.