Auto stop loss worked correctly?


I use to have an Auto stop loss set at 340$ per position and today C2 exit the trade at -560$. I was trading 3 mini, so the trade was closed really far from my Auto stop loss. These are my first tests with C2 and I would like to know if you consider "normal" this behavior.

Thank you in advance


Email with specifics:


Your broker and account #

Which trade (symbol, time traded, time zone)


C2 did its job and placed an order for Sell Stop 109.48, but it was filled at your broker at 108.871.

That is not typical, but in a fast moving market this sort of slippage can indeed happen. Remember that stop orders are not guaranteed to be executed at your stop price. Rather, they turn into market orders when the stop price is crossed. Thus, in fast markets, stop losses don’t guarantee a predetermined loss.

But, in my experience, I don’t typically see this sort of slippage for stop orders, although of course anything can happen.

Thank you Matthew for your answer, I will check with the broker.

We never finish to learn :frowning:

Thank you again