Stop filled 3 pips below?

Its not a real big deal, but when the AUD/USA market openned today, it spiked up not down. I then changed my stop on C2 to my current buy price to zero out the order, but I get filled by C2, 3 pips below what my stop was set at.

Its not like a report came out and caused fast markets or anything since I got no warning from FXCM. Fast markets is the ONLY way my stop should not be filled correctly.

Anyway, I think my last trade should be $ 0 not negative $ 100.00, but like I said its not that big of a deal, its not like c2 closed me out 50 pips below my stop.

I bought at 0.7669 on Friday and today I was stopped at 0.7666, so my net loss is 1 pip more than what C2 shows…

I was stopped at 17:15 although I think that I entered your stop 0.7671 immediately after I received the ITM around 17:05. There were no quotes in the first 10 minutes; I was confused by that. Is IB the wrong place to do these trades?

Jules, there is a delay from entering the order into C2 and then C2 sending the signal out. I hit refresh on C2 before and after I brought up my stop and I still had a $ 50 profit. So I still hold that it should show a zero loss.

However, maybe some of you are autotrading the system, so C2 may be more conservative and give me the price that you guys got stopped out.

Also, even so, it was better to get stopped out here with a small loss since AUD/USD did continue to fall on profit taking.

I would see how it goes in the future, IB might be fine. I usually don’t move my stops that close anyway, but we were not making headway on the direction of our trade.