Auto Trade Improvment


While setting up a new system for auto trading I see you added the option to immediately join trades in progress in a system or, alternatively, refuse to do so. This is a big change and reduces a subscriber’s initial risk substantially since many times open positions have already had their big moves and are ripe for a pullback or they are nearing the end of a holding duration period set by the developer. Previously I had to manually close the unwanted positions generating both commission costs and small losses, or if ignored, they led to even larger losses.

Thanks for the improvement…


Thanks for noticing the new AutoTrade feature, Corey. Yes, we “soft launched” the feature at the beginning of the week, which is a fancy way of saying we turned it on, but didn’t tell anyone about it, and just sorta hoped people might stumble across it.

But since you noticed it, now’s a good time to announce it publicly…

Yes, we added a new feature to the AutoTrade Setup Wizard. Now, when you start AutoTrading a strategy for the first time, you have the choice about whether you want to “join trades already in progress” or not. This has been a much-requested feature, so I’m pleased to be able to announce it at last.


Great feature. Very important. Well done!

Everyone beware! The “do not join trades already in progress” feature does NOT work if you start-up autotrading after the markets have closed. You must initiate trading during market hours. I discovered this the hard way with an expensive set of losses.

Hi, Chuck:

I’ve spoken to Francis, and he confirms that the problem which caused the “do not join trades in progress” feature not to work when AutoTrade is set up during the weekend (when markets are closed) will be fixed by tomorrow, and certainly before next weekend. I’ll echo publicly what Francis told you privately, which is that I’m sorry this new feature did not work correctly. We will have a fix up and running shortly.