Seat of pants auto trading problem


E-mailed you twice reference my own auto trading set up, you repleid that you would look into it - but had no reply.

Just after midnight I entered two trades on EUR/USD. Furst they appeared on the collective 2 trade screen, then they disappeared, I see this morning (7.15) that they have reappeared on the trade screen.

The trades did not appear immediately on the public screen - but are there this morning.

Is this caused by my auto trading being activated - if so pleased stop it.

when I try to access my Autotrading Staus page I get an error message.

What is happening to the people who have subscribed to auto trade with me? Will this affect them?

22nd May 8:12 - managed to shut down auto trading, but above queries still apply.

Louis: I do not understand what you are asking.

What do you mean "First (my orders) appeared on the collective 2 trade screen, then they disappeared"?

Which orders, specifically? What is the "public screen" you are talking about?

Whatever the problem you are describing, I assure you it has nothing to do with your own personal autotrading setup.

Finally, you also write: "when I try to access my Autotrading Staus page I get an error message."

Please tell me the exact message you see.


Sorry I was so vague, penalties of age!!

The screen I am talking about is the one which has the trading order form. At the top is the detail of the open positions.

On thursday morning at 00:01 I sold 5 EURGBP at market, (1.57770)

I had a position of 7 of this pair already, this then showed as having 12 contracts, then I loaded the public page which has detail of the trades towards the bottom of the page. But there was no sign of this trade.

So I went back to the trade screen, but his screen showed only the 7 contracts. thought I must have been seeing things so sold 5 more at 00:12, and up comes 17 contracts, when reloaded the trade page showed only 7 again. So I went to bed, after sending you the vague query, sorry again.

In the morning this trade page showed the 17 contracts, and the public page showed the two trades.

I got to thinking that it was because my auto trading was interfering with the trade, and when I looked at the detail of my autotrading it showed that I was only using $21,000 capital - which is much too small for what I am doing - so I cancelled the auto trade.

this also set me thinking about the traders who will be using my method by auto trading, am pleased to see that 10 traders have signed up for the months trial. But I think that the auto trading may run counter to how trade, will send you a longer query when I can quantify it exactly - to stop my vagueness.



But what did happen to the two trades