Question regarding FXCM and Bulldog

If I understand right, my FXCM account needs to be converted to Bulldog before I can use it to Autotrade. My FXCM is an AUD account. Is that going to be a problem? (Devil is always in the details).

I originally opened the account in AUD in order to eliminate currency conversion costs. Turns out though that I can transfer funds in USD via credit card for free (plus conversion costs) whereas doing a bank wire in AUD, my bank slugs me with 0.4%. So I guess it’s all pretty much the same.


We can only trade on USD accounts. Please contact support directly at if you have more questions.


Just to clarify, does autotrading only work with USD accounts with any broker or are you just talking bulldog? It’s not clear if it’s a broker specific issue or a C2 issue.

You can trade on a Interactive Brokers account with TradeBullet using any base currency.

BulldogFX only supports USD as a base currency.