Auto-trading with Interactive Brokers

Any idea when we’ll be able to auto-trade with an account at Interactive Brokers? I have funds sitting idly with IB and will subscribe to a number of C2 systems as soon as auto-trading is set up.


Hi Josh,

Currently Gen1 is offered at Interactive Brokers, but if you’re holding out for Gen3… thats just around the corner (fingers crossed). We don’t have a definitive date yet, but rest assured as soon as its available, we’ll let the C2 community know.

Suggestion: There are several other brokerage firms that you can use in the meantime which currently offer Gen3 AutoTrading. When Interactive Brokers is Gen3 ready you can switch back.


Thank you for your prompt response, Melissa. I won’t pretend that I’m not disappointed, since in an October 31st email to me Mathew said, “IB is about 8 weeks away, realistically.” I know you’re doing all you can, and I appreciate that. It’s just not that easy to switch brokers, since each has its application process, learning curve, ACH challenges, closing costs, etc., and I figure that I have more trading power with my funds consolidated at one broker.

I’ll say this: Progress updates from C2 regarding Gen3 trading with IB would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again for your response.


I’m in the same boat, please notify me as soon as Gen3 is available at IB, thank you.


What is the difference between Gen1 and Gen3? Are we Gen3 now? I’m with Interactive Brokers and noticed that I get late fills compared to the C2 model account. Is there a solution to that?


Also interested in the difference in gen 1 or gen 3. I am very soon to move my IRA to IB so I can auto trade my own signal.

Wow, this is a very old thread. More than two years old, in fact.

Since the days back in 2012 when this conversation started, a lot has happened: Namely, nowadays Collective2 supports server-based Interactive Brokers AutoTrading - for any instrument class (stocks, options, futures, forex) - in any IB account.

“Server-based” (what we sometimes refer to as “Gen3 AutoTrade”) means you merely type your IB account information into C2, decide how big to make your trades, and the AutoTrading happens automagically. You don’t need to run any special software on your computer. In fact, you don’t need to leave your computer turned on. Heck, you could even destroy your computer entirely. No problem. You’ll still be able to AutoTrade using C2.

In addition to simplifying the technology, we’ve also simplified the pricing. We don’t tack on any per-trade AutoTrade fees. We simply charge a flat monthly fee for AutoTrading, no matter how much you trade, no matter how many times, how many shares, how many futures contracts, etc. That flat fee is $99 per month.

To get started with C2 AutoTrading at Interactive Brokers, or to learn more, go to this page.

Mathew recently I read but can’t find it there is a difference on IB broker commissions depending on if you opened your account at IB or C2. Where can I read about these differences?


That’s not really how it works. You can use any Interactive Brokers (IB) account you want, wherever you might have opened it. There are no additional fees except a flat monthly AutoTrade fee (i.e. no per-trade fees). You pay to IB the same commission you’ve always paid. If you open a new IB account through our web site you pay standard IB commissions. (You’ll just be opening a plain vanilla IB account. There’s no special “C2 account” you need to open, or anything like that.)

Ok however I thought if you are trading your own signal there is not an auto trade fee? Is that correct?


It is not correct. You’ll need to grab yourself an AutoTrade license. You’ll then be able to trade all systems, including your own.

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little confused as to exactly how the auto trade works as a trade vendor. for example, regarding auto trade, does this mean that if I post a signal using a third party platform to my system (say ninja trader in which I am already putting the trade in my IB account while subsequently in the C2 database) and auto trade is turned on, will C2 then go put that order into my IB trading account? thereby doubling my position?