Gen3 for Interactive Brokers

Hello Matthew,

The middle of the second quarter is approaching - can we expect a Gen3 interface to IB soon?

There are systems I do not want to trade without a Gen3 connection to Interactive Brokers.



Dear Karl,

I also think same way. I am not using IB because tradebullet need to have your computer running all the time. Gen 3 connection is the best. Hope Mathew will answer our question


Hi, Guys -

I’m not trying to be vague or mysterious. There’s just a lot of moving pieces, some of which we have only limited control over (software development, testing, legal, compliance, etc.) I would prefer to say little rather than give you incorrect information. So let’s just continue to say that we are aiming for a release this quarter. That means relatively soon. Hopefully we’ll know more as time goes by.


Great news - will stop the need to program directly to the IP API to avoid using/paying for trade bullet!

Can you tell us whether the Gen3 for IB will handle FX? If so how will it handle the ‘sweep back’ of cash into USD (or base ccy) after a position is closed since it’s not done automatically in IB.

Also how will it handle the fact that 1 fx lot is $10k in C2 but min IB ideal pro trade is $25k?

Maybe these q’s are already answered from Gen1 but would be good to know if they will continue then for Gen3.



Hi Matthew,

Do you have an status update about of the IB GEN3 implementation?

I want to start autotrading asap through IB but unfortunately I’ll have to create an account with other broker if it doesn’t happen soon.

Thank you!