Auto trading

Will an autotrading account survive the change of a systems status from test to live?

When you convert a system from a test system to a live system, you erase the track record. (This was explained when you designated the system as a test system.)

So effectively all positions and trades will disappear from the system, and thus your autotrading account will go flat.

I am trading this live, and yes it is surviving quite well. This month has been tough but it’s not over yet. If the biggest losing month is 20% I can live with that.

If I set up an auto trading using a test system and a real brokerage account, will auto trading of the real system still work after converting the system from test to live?

Same answer as before: While AutoTrading will remain “turned on” your system’s positions will disappear when you convert into a live system. Thus they will disappear from your broker account too.