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I started a system and designatd it as a test system so I could work out the bugs with my computer genereated signals. I have got it all working and now I want to take the system live, but it says "Once you have designated a trading system a "test system," you cannot undo that status." How do I take it live? I have already paid the six month fee for this system? Thanks[LINKSYSTEM_42475318]

Yes you can change a "test system" into a "live system."

On the new (preview) web site, under the chart, you will see "This system is a Test System…" and a gray button that says: "CHANGE."

Press that button.

Thanks for the answer Matthew. I tried it twice, but each time, when I tried to erase the trading record before it changed over, it hung up with this message:

"To be handled: /opt/c2/preview/www/cgi-perl/admin.mpl, cmd=erasesys, refresh="

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Oh my. Hang on and we’ll fix this asap. I’ll post and email when fixed.

Problem fixed. I also converted your system from test to live on your behalf. Thanks for pointing out the problem.

Thanks Matthew! Two more things and then I will stop pestering you -

1. Could you please change the statement that “The name of this system has been changed 3 times”? While trying to get the system to go live I changed the name and put it back again.

2. I bought 210 shares of QLD @ $45.33 and started with $10,000 but the stats say I have $4759 left. Shouldn’t that purchase have eaten up most all of the cash I had - or does the system assume I am using 50% margin?

Thanks for all the help.


Could you please change the statement that “The name of this system has been changed 3 times”? While trying to get the system to go live I changed the name and put it back again. It hasn’t been changed since I went live. Thanks.



It’s a database record that records actual activity and I can’t change it.

Sorry - It just makes me look like I am trying to pull a fast one - showing that I have changed the name 3 times. Do you have a database programmer working for you? It is not a hard thing to do to change an entry that is wrong - I do it for my job every so often. I would greatly appreciate it. It would make my system seem more honest… if you know what I mean. Thanks,



Ken - We’re not in the business of changing history. But there’s nothing to fret about. Anyone who looks can see from the audit trail that you changed the name of your system 3 times in the course of exactly 3 minutes, and that the names you used were all very similar variants of each other… that is: it’s pretty obvious to anyone who cares that you were doing nothing weasley, but rather were kicking the tires of the web site and your new system.

The point of C2 is to show an audit trail of everything that we can keep track of; we don’t change records to make things seem better or worse. Things simply are what they are. In your case, your concern is (forgive my bluntness) a bit misplaced. No one will look askance at your system because you inserted an underscore character, and then one minute later, removed it.

I don’t think Ken’s concern is necessarily that the system name was changed three times so much as the fact that the system name was changed three times due to C2’s mistake. You don’t seem to have an issue with changing trade data due to C2’s mistakes, so what’s the specific issue with fixing this as well?

Let’s not forget that this is related to the insufficiently tested “beta/preview” site, which in practice, is not being treated as a beta or preview. I’m not trying to provoke here. It’s just that C2 has two primary purposes (accurate statistics and signal generation/autotrading), and the beta/preview appears to have been a distraction and detrimental to C2’s mission.

You’ve certainly expressed your opinion about this several times, Jeffrey.