Evaluating 2 Trdg Systems, Autotrading on 1 Acct

I’m new to this site, and I’m encouraged so far by what I’ve read and seen. I’d like to start by choosing one, then maybe another Trading System to AutoTrade on my brokerage account.

But, I have a question regarding comparing the performance of the Trading Systems, apples-to-apples.

For example, if I have two different Forex-based Trading Systems currently Autotrading in the same brokerage account, how exactly do I determine which Trading System is performing better for my unique account? How do I determine (for my unique account, which will involve commissions and slippage) Monthly/Annualized returns for each trading system, since their trades are all mixed up with each other? More importantly, is there a way to see real-time if one or the other Trading System is currently drawing down?

Thanks for the answers!



Hi, Steve:

When you start AutoTrading, two new screens will be available to you on this Web site: Open Positions and Performance Report. (Both will be visible in the AUTOTRADE menu at the top of the screen.)

Both screens show your account’s AutoTrading performance broken out by trading system. So, for example, you’ll be able to see which positions are open in your account for each system (and you’ll be able to modify each position by closing it early if you want, making it larger, setting your own profit target or stop loss, etc.)

Similarly, the Performance Report screen shows a running list of all trades, and associated P/L, broken out by system.

I encourage you to try it out by selecting a system or two that offer free trial periods and setting them up for AutoTrading at C2 in a free sim/demo brokerage account.


Thanks, Matthew…you answered my question perfectly! Steve