Auto Trading?

Ok after years on this web site I am getting ready to auto trade my signal. My question is this. If I open an account at IB and use HPB to transfer my signals. Is that now auto trading and do I get the logo on my signal if I do it that way?


Rick Haines

You are asking about Trades-Own-System (TOS) Certification. You can learn more about it here:

What you’ll see on that page, and the answer to your question, is that you must use a Gen3-compatible broker for TOS certification. We do not currently support Gen3 stock-trading at Interactive Brokers (we only support futures).

Since your system is a stock-trading system, you will need to select either OEC Equities or MB Trading, which are the two Gen3-compatible brokers that offer stock trading.

Of course, you can AutoTrade your own system at any C2 compatible broker, but if you seek TOS certification, it needs to be one of the brokers on the list referenced above.

Ok however there are a lot of things in this world I don’t understand. If I am entering my trades at IB in a live funded account and it is converted over to trades on C2 then I am by definition trading my own signal.

Are you in the future planning on making allowances for this?


Rick Haines


You need to use Gen3 AutoTrade technology in order to gain TOS Certification. You can of course trade your system in your Interactive Brokers account if you like (but this would have to be in addition to trading at a broker that supports TOS). And you can even use a C2-compatible program such as IBtoC2 ( to use IB’s “TWS” program as a way to enter trades into the Collective2 system you run.

But ultimately, due to regulatory and compliance restrictions, in order for us to provide TOS Certification, you must AutoTrade using a technology that we run “end-to-end” and for which we have put certain business relationships in place. Thus, to be TOS Certified for a stock trading system, you must use one of the brokers listed above. While we may add other brokers to the list of Gen3-compatible brokers in the future, the requirement that you trade at a Gen3 compatible broker to get TOS certification probably will not change.

Ok Thank You.

Rick Haines