Tos Certification


I’m active on C2 over a year now, my system’s performance is good but there are no subscribers.

As I am trading my own system on Interactive Brokers I wanted to ask if you could implement IB api to C2 so that you can grant your trades-own-system TOS certification to my system?




Dear Christian,

At this time, stock and option trading systems can participate in the TOS Program only if the system vendor has an MBTrading brokerage account.

Keep in mind that you can still use the current method of sending signals to your trading system, but the Autotrading account that will be tied with the TOS Program must be MBTrading (in your case).

The list of eligible TOS supporting brokers can be found at:

- Melissa


Is OEC Equities still valid for TOS qualification (as listed on even though it is not included as a Gen3 brokerage on

I’m looking for a Gen3 stock alternative to MB Trading, is anything in process at the moment?


only that C2 does not support IB is not a reason to change the broker. I have written tools that use the IB api that allow me to analyse and determine options and I’m happy with IB. So moving my account to MBTrading is not an option for me.

But as IB has a transparent api that allows you to get the positions with 2 or 3 api calls it should easily be possible to implement the functionality for C2?



The issue is not technological. IB does not want to allow its clients to autotrade directly through them. All equity and options autotrade clients must belong to a broker-dealer that uses IB technology. We found two so far: one in Australia and one in Costa Rica. Neither accepts US clients due to US regulatory restrictions. We’d love to add more, let us know if you have an account at such a firm.

I don’t have an account with them, but Place Trade ( uses IB’s platform. Any luck with them?

We’re in contact them. These things can take a while.

no, I’m at IB directly. I forgot that you need the IB gateway software to connect to the api that requires manual logon.