Model account v.s real account

Hi Mathew,

I am new to C2.

Can I trade the model account without linking my real trading account to C2 from my broker after I pay the semiannual fee?


Hi Qun,

Welcome to C2! I wasn’t quite sure if you were asking about sending signals or Autotrading your own system, so here are answers to both:

Sending signals to your system

You CAN use a paper account (or demo account held at broker) to send signals to your system. To see how to set this up and for a list of other ways to send signals to your system here on C2, visit this link: See C2 Signal Generation.

Autotrading your system

Once your system is listed on C2, you are able to Autotrade it and at the same participate in the TOS Program with a live/real brokerage account. Once qualifying criteria is met, your system receives the coveted TOS badge.

You are also welcome to Autotrade your system in a Simulated Brokerage Account (provided by C2) to see what a trader experiences when Autotrading your system.

Yes. You can simply enter trades into C2 without needing to have a live broker account.

Thanks Mathew!

So other people can still subscribe to my system(signals), right?

I use model account from C2, all signals are in real time, I just don’t want to buy that IBtoC2 software.


Well, if you don’t want to pay for the software, then you have to manually enter each of your trades into C2’s Order Entry screen.

If you use IB2C2 (a commercial software product created by an independent software developer) it will “read” your Interactive Brokers trades and pump them automatically into your C2 Model Account for others to follow.

It’s up to you.

Thanks for quick reply.

I will consider that software after I gain enough confidence in C2.

I have enough confidence in my trading, I am going to build my reputation here on C2 so see if I can attract and retain subscribers.:slight_smile: