Autotrade question

I had a stop set which was hit, but C2 did not show it for about 5 minutes. It was later shown filled at the correct price. What happens to autotraders? Did they already have the stop set in their account, so they filled at market when hit, or do they rely on a signal from C2 that the stop was hit? In other words, does a C2 reporting delay hurt subscribed autotraders?

Absolutely not. Any delay in C2 on-screen reporting of fills does not affect AutoTraders one way or another. Their trades are already in place at their brokers. (And the AutoTrading servers are different machines / software than the software which runs display functionality for the C2 Web site.)

Hello Matthew,

I do not agree with your statement and I base my opinion on my experience with Eurex trades in my own system [LINKSYSTEM_31126530].

When something like is described above occurs, it can also happen that the stop (maybe with stops it does not happen because they tend to be less sensitive to filling problems) or limit order (this continues being the real nightmare in my system) is not executed in the subscriber’s broker account.

If C2 takes 5 minutes to “declare” the trade as closed, it also takes 5 minutes + X for C2 to synchronise the automated subscriber’s account. I do not need to say how much a price can move in that time period…

Moreover, in order to complete my “complains” (sorry for continuing digging on this but it was still unresolved the last time that I autotraded my system some two weeks ago and that was the reason why I stopped doing it): the above mentioned effect can be more severe because very often -nearly always-, limit and stop orders which were entered simultaneously in the manual C2 trade window were not passed to the subscriber’s broker account. In these cases, the subscriber depends totally on the synchronisation from C2 and if it is 5 minutes delayed (and it was sometimes 8 minutes, that was the maximum I measured) you can imagine what can happen.

Maybe this matter only affects Eurex trades and maybe only with OEC automated accounts (that was my set-up). Ultimately, the many bad experiences led me to stop autotrading my own system…


I am sorry for the experience you’ve had.

In response to some of your earlier criticisms, I think we have fixed most (perhaps all) of the issues with AutoTrading the Eurex exchange. Unfortunately, since you have stopped autotrading your system in a live account, I am unable to show this to you. If you have any interest in trying again, please let me know, and you and I can work together closely to watch your trades carefully and make sure Eurex trades are performing as quickly and accurately as those on the U.S.-based exchanges.

While I am hesitant to make promises, I do think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


I think we touched on this, Jose. You also have the “if touched” problem. They’re filled in TS, but not in real life.

This was not the issue that Jose experienced, Beau. His problem was something different and peculiar to the way C2 handled Eurex autotrading. Again, I’m pretty confident that, going forward, it is resolved.