BrokerTransmit delay

Hi, I am a trade leader and recently made some trades towards the end of day (maybe 2 to 4 minutes before close).

On one account, the Broker Transmit transmitted the trade, but on another, the trade didn’t show up. I assume it was too close to closing.

Two questions:

  1. If the trade doesn’t show up, should I now instead make trades say, no more than 5 minutes before closing to be safe? This is less than ideal since the closer I can get to closing the better, but 5 minutes should still be ok.

  2. Even if the trade shows up, subscribers using Auto Trade will have some delay too. Do you think 5 minutes before closing or more as a rule is enough to allow all subscribers to properly match the trade?

Thanks! - Tony

Hi Tony,

We only publish filled orders to C2, so if you have a partial fill, it won’t be posted to your strategy until the order is 100% filled. After that, everything happens very fast (generally less than a second).

Ok, that makes sense, thanks!