Subscriber actions impacting system results

I recently had the unfortunate experience of an autotrade subscriber turning on his system almost 10 minutes after I had entered a trade in my system. (Which is currently not available for viewing.) His brokerage then reported his fills back to C2, resulting in a profit that was roughly $400. less than what I had experienced in my own account.

While I can appreciate C2’s response that actual brokerage trades by law need to be reported as the fills from subscribers, this example IMO opinion really pushes the boundries of what is considered an “autotrade”, and leads to the question of what other actions an autotrading subscriber can take that may negatively impact system results.

For example, if an autotrader elects to override the system and manually enter a trade, is it reported back to C2 as a fill? If an autotrader has a system failure, or a personal delay for some reason, and the trades fills at a much later time or date, at what point is that not considered a valid trade for the purposes of keeping records?

What are other circumstances developers should be aware of regarding a negative impact on their records from the actions of subscribers? Having gone through this experience, I would like to make my subscribers in the future aware of their responsibilities in entering into a trading relationship.