Autotrading Issue with OXPS


Im posting a technical issue I experienced today to see if anyone has encountered something similar.

I have an account with Options Xpress, and 3 weeks ago I set up an autotrade with a system here on collective2. For the 3 weeks everything worked like a charm.

This week, I placed some trades of my own on my OX account. Today, at about 3pm, I decided to “break” the autotrade link to the system (not unsubscribe), and to my disappointing surprise when I went to check my account after the market closed, I discovered all my positions were closed?

I chatted with a sales person from OX and they claim they received the close orders from XML / API. If this is the collective2 interface, this doesn’t make any sense, since these trades where not initiated from the collective2 end, they were initiated by me.

The worst part is that they were all long positions, and were closed exactly at today’s bottom. This is the time I broke the link to Autotrade, but why would send a signal to close a position it never initiated?

OX do not want to take responsibility, saying they simply received the orders XML/API.

Just checking to see if this is an autotrading bug, and who is responsible for it