Collective2 closed all my open position accidentally?

Hi, I setup my auto trade this morning, and chose not synchronizing the position, it is in pending state at the beginning, then after the approval, all of my 8 positions were closed. I want to know what is happening on the collective2 software, it supposed not synchronize the position, right, I saw a few discussion, the manual trade and system trade are separated. Is there any suggestions? That is really a big surprise for me. I never think that could happened.

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I can’t find you on our system. Please send an email to with your account number and we’ll take a look.


Hi, Francis, would you help me check my account, I turned the autoSync off, for keeping my long term positions, I know if it is autosync on, the system will close my position, why I kept AutoSync off, it still close my position? I wish I can manual trade my own long term position there. I found all of my new manual trade (I buy back) now is under one system’s(carma) openning, is this normal?

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Hi Min,

Yes you are correct. If you keep AutoSync off your manual positions will not be touched while the system signals will be traded. By design, all account positions get assigned to a system your are Autotrading, so yes that’s normal.

We are working on a feature that will let you trade manually while Autotrading. It’s already in the oven and should be ready soon.


Thanks, Francis, may I have suggestions:
1). The sync should sync from Auto sytem to broker account in single direction. (if bidirection, may let subcriber choose)
2). The sync should not close the manual trade. (even we have signed a letter, but the system should only care its own trades).
3) . There should be a warning when any action may close the manual trade.

From my opinion, the manual trade should have higher priority, not the autotrade.

I think it should be easy to implement since your database have logged each trade of the system, so it is easier to match.

I agree with MinLiu2 on points 1,2,3 above. Additionally, Collective2 should take more action to clarify with subscribers that if they are using an existing brokerage account to autotrade, that account can no longer be used for its existing purpose. You must fully turn the account over to collective2 and close all prior positions. This is not clear when turning on autotrade.

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Thanks Francis, I do think this is important for traders, since the margin / money management issues. And I observed that you may need a seperated system name like mymanualTrade. Now, my manual trades would be assigned to different systems randomly. If there is a mymanualtrade system name, which all manual trade can be put under this system.

Wish you will finish this feature as soon as possible, I have to manually input orders for some of my subscribed system now. I do not know how the system choose autotrade or not. (from my understanding, even autosync off, 99% singnals should be autotrade, but it is not the case.

Another things, can the manual trade be under one of my subscribed system, then I can autotrade the other system without close my manual trade?

All manual trades will be assigned to your personal ‘mymanualtrade’ system. There will be no way to reassign order/positions.