Autotrading: Shorting QQQQ<==>Buying PSQ

Matthew or other expert vendors,

My subscriber is having problem in shorting QQQQ in his cash (IRA) account using autotrader. The detailed message I received is as follows:

“Hi, I have recently subscribed to your model to use for my retirement IRA account. This is a cash account for which I use autotrader and the account does not permit shorting stocks or ETF. This explains the following message I received when c2 signal to sell QQQQ short: Dear xxxx xxxx, This is an automated message from Trade Integration LLC in regards to your AutoTrading account at OptionsXpress. The order below has been rejected because you have a ‘cash’ account, which is not enabled for shorting of stocks. Would you conside instead fo shorting QQQQ to buy PSQ (or any other inverse ETF) instead in the future? I follow several other model which trade pairs such as QLD/QID for example. This switch would help anyone who wants to trade your model in a cash account with the autotrader and in particular will make it possible for me to trade it the same way I trade all others with the autotrader sending signals from C2. Thanks, xxxx xxxx”

I guess I could make some program changes to trade the QQQQ/PSQ pairs. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, however, I’m reluctant to make such a switch because my program is set up to trade QQQQ (long or short) only in C2 and my own trading accounts. I really hope to keep things as simple as possible.

I wonder if C2 Autotrader is capable of converting the order to short QQQQ to the order to buy long PSQ, so the subscribers can trade in any way they want.

Thanks in advance for your help,


This is not currently possible. Consider instead creating a variant system which is appropriate for IRA accounts.

Yes. Bottom Line – The government won’t let you do shorts in an IRA.

I guess your subscriber is not aware of this.

For the reason you have described, I use PSQ and RWM in two of my models.