Averaging into a trade

The old system showed the different prices when we entered a direction in more steps. Now I have to try to remember each entry price, because it doesn’t show or if it does I can’t find it.

Could we make it similar to the old ways?

I don’t really understand what you mean. What information specifically do you want to see, and on what screen do you want to see it? Any clarification you can provide will help us implement the changes you are requesting. Thanks

I think I have found it. On the system page there is an ITM button, and that shows the latest fills. That used to be on the trade page and one was able to see all the different fills when entered a position with more trades. Basicly I want to see those fills so I don’t have to remember the different prices…

The ITM window only shows the last couple of fills, so if you have fills from the previous days or earlier, you won’t see those, so it is not exactly like it used to be…

Actually, it’s even easier than that. Just go to the system page on C2, and click the little icon that looks like a downward arrow, found all the way to the right of the text that says "Recently Closed Trades."

Clicking the icon toggles between showing trade-by-trade details and hiding the details.