Couple of suggestions

I am long a trade, and wanted the trade in the reverse direction at a certain price range if I got stopped out, but C2 will not let me set that to automatically happen. I get an error message that says since I am long the currency already, I can not enter in this type of order, although in fxcm, it does allow me to do this. So C2 needs to reflect real trading platforms a little bit more. I do like that C2 allows me to enter in 2 trades in a currency before I am in a trade, which is what I usually do, however, I got spiked into a trade that I thought would not happen so quickly and did not have time to enter in my trades how I usually do.

Also, it would be nice if I could have a running stop loss. If you already have this, then please let me know how to enter it into C2, since both trade station for futures and fxcm for forex allow this.

Actually, you can do this currently.

If you are long a currency, and you want to reverse if it falls to a certain price, you say:


SELL TO OPEN at STOP x (make this order conditional upon first order)

This is a bit cumbersome. On the old order screen there was a 1-click reversal-entry feature. I plan on re-adding that to the new screen very shortly.


Ok, I figured out how to use the replace trades. Still like the old trade screen, no offense.

Also, could you increase the number of refreshes to at least 10 instead of 5? I am out of my short of the usd/cad at a profit, and I want to refresh my system to show that as a closed trade in the statistics.