New System Page Format

Hello C2 Members,

You’ll notice there’s a tiny link at the top of each System Page, asking you to "try out the new system page."

Which is what I invite you to do. Please switch to the new page format and let me know what you think. Report any bugs, problems, or browser-specific weirdness either here or by email to our help desk. With your help, we can work out all the kinks before the new page format becomes the standard C2 default.

The new format allows us to support multiple languages, and will (eventually) be more tablet and phone friendly, plus it integrates into the C2 member-to-member chat, messaging, and forum systems.

We’ll be rolling further enhancements to the new system pages over the next few weeks, but for now, I just want to make sure everyone is reasonably pleased with the new format and that there are no glaring mistakes.

Thanks in advance for your input.



I can’t find my open positions on the trade entry page. I wanted to update my stops on my open positions. BTW, I’m using IE 11.

Thank you


Looks like this update broke the trade tab. Can’t enter in new orders which I need to do ASAP. Please let us know when its fixed.



Bryan - try now and let me know. (Refresh your page first.)

Works now… Thanks Matthew!

Just tried it out - looks good. I did notice that of late I keep getting a browser crash entering trades (specifically new BTO trades, and it always occurs when I try to enter any value in the limit order box). Running Win 8.1 and IE 11.

I will try it out using Safari to see if it is on my end or not and let you know the results.

Recent Trade Signals section appears to be missing from the new system page layout. Using Chrome.

The new system page looks really good, Matthew, and provides a lot of stats that weren’t available before. Thanks!

Hello Matthew,

Crowd Opinion section disappeard in the new page format. Is it a precise choice or only an oversight?

For me it was useful.

Thank you


About the format:

- “You subscribed” and “Managed by” are taking unnecessary space from the top. I suggest moving them to right pane.

- I like the tabs.

About the content (which I understand is under development):

- Slippage stat is gone. That (or average slippage) stat is definitely needed.

- Still missing biggest losing trade and biggest winning trade stat which would tell a lot about risk.

- You really seem to like the “Chance of 10% account loss” stat because now there are even more of them. I can only repeat what I’ve always said: get rid of this strangest stat I’ve ever seen. Someone might believe it.


A lot of data is missing : Max DD , DD period , when you hover the mouse over the closed trades P/L or over the Extreme/Low you don’t get any data like before … Thanks .

The per trade drawdown stats look wrong - I have trades that closed after hitting a 3% stop loss but the DD numbers show only 0.5% or less. How is DD being determined here?

Looks bulky and unaligned on my page. Prefer the old format much better. How do i go back to old format?

Also, the performance chart doesnt work if you remove one of the lines. the other two disappear and you cant add them back. you have to reload the page.

I found the “classic view” option on the left. I prefer the compact structure of the older format.

Old format is better , IMHO one would think that the old format is the advanced updated new format not vice versa …

I like it.

But prefer old dashboard

Recent trade signals section seems to be missing.

The amount of statistics now is somewhat overwhelming, perhaps those could be divided up into tabs as well to make the various sections easier to find?

Not to keep piling on here, but I can’t get any of the buttons to work on the new tab layout (trade, broadcast message, etc). I jusy keep clicking on them like an idiot until I remember that I can use the old format without these issues.

Also I can’t see my open trade signals for the day any more (this was already mentioned by others but as developers this is really important to us).

Kevnin - Buttons fixed. (Indeed, they were broken in Firefox. I’m a dope.) Recent Trade Signals section is still missing, but will be added soon. As I said, it’s a work in progress, and shifting to the new format and underlying tech allows us to bring new features and cool stuff to the system page, which is a core component of C2, and was growing a bit long of tooth. Keep the complaints coming.