Bad experience on Nikkei futures: NNA

Before 7:30pm I tried to close my short position: NNAH0

No matter how i worked on it. Even used "at market" order to close it. It never worked

Could C2 fix it please? Thanks

Thanks to C2. After It moved up 150 pts so far I finally can trade it. Crazy! If it moved up more 30 pts it will turn to be a lost trade. It’s totally not my plan


Let me look into this. Hang on…

Could you please explain what you mean by “couldn’t close” the position? Do you mean that the signal did not propagate through to your brokerage account?

I am wondering because I could not manually open/close a few positions on my IB paper trading account, even with market orders. I suspect it was due to a problem w/ TWS/IB and not due to anything related to C2 or T68.

Has anybody else had any problems opening/closing positions?