Position Error


On my MTS FX Fundamental Positioning Strategy, My 3 lots long EUR/JPY showed a profit of around $200, then suddenly showed a profit of over $300 with very little movement in that currency pair.

When I clicked on “Trade”, I noticed that 3 of my lots were shown as closed… making my position essentially 0 lots.

Then, I suddenly noticed that the profit was over $81,000 dollars! Again, with little or no movement in the EUR/JPY. (If this doesn’t happen on it’s own, you an trigger it to happen clicking the “close” button, to close the position.

I am not sure whether selling will cause me to be 3 short or not…

…Wondering if there was a bad tick that caused a margin call, which caused the profit and loss formula to be multiplying by 0… or something like that. Well, just trying to help with my own brainstorm.

But I do need this cleared up so that I can exit the position when the time comes, and do so with the correct profit and loss.



And P.S. … I currently want to be IN the position.


You entered an order to Sell To Close 3, which closed your long position. It was indeed incorrectly processed, which is why you saw bizarre P/L results.

I cleaned up the incorrect data, and now you are flat in that pair, and your PL is correct. If you have any other questions about this particular trade, please write to help@collective2.com.


Hmmm… I think I would have remembered if I had entered a close order. I DO think it is very possible that I did enter such an order when trying to figure out what was going on and make the problem go away.

But who knows… No one’s perfect, right?

Anyway, what’s 10 pips among friends…

Thanks Matt. And thanks for the email address. …You know, I usually look for “help” or “contact us” at the top of the website. Especially when I’m frazzled, as I was. I see it now at the bottom.

Have a good one.